Lady Pinhead by Horrify Me - PEACHES AND SCREAM

Lady Pinhead by Horrify Me

Lady Pinhead Model: Peachy Russell

I’ve lost count of the number of pins I’ve stuck into people for the sake of taking cool photos. It’s in the high hundreds, possibly even touching on the thousands. Full disclosure; I have never actually stuck real pins into real people. But I have stuck fake pins ON to people. A lot.

My latest adventure into horrific acupuncture was with the popular cosplay model, Peachy Russell. She’s well known for her startling cosplay creations and, specifically, for her burning passion for Hellraiser.

She won a shoot with Horrify Me at Weekend of the Dead in Manchester last year and was awarded her prize voucher by non-other than Tom Savini, a name I’m sure all you horror hounds out there will recognise only too well. Peachy turned up for her Hellraiser shoot super excited, like a kid who has just been told it’s going to be Christmas every day for the next fifty years. Really, she was THAT excited.

She brought with her an impressive custom outfit by Fetasia Latex, and a pair of terrifying, kinky, fetish boots, which you could actually kill someone with. I won’t advertise the fact too widely but those boots terrified me; the heel should have been registered as a weapon.

She left all the Pinhead makeup to me, so I set about tucking all her hair under a bald cap, painting her and covering her head in grid lines and pins. The last time I did a Pinhead shoot was the Bride of Pinhead, which involved a full body of pins and grids, so doing just a head, felt like a small job. It wasn’t though. It still took the best part of eight hours. The outfit left a large area for cleavage to show and we decided to make use of that fact and added some extra boob pins.

Swathed in creepy blue lighting, Peachy captured the soul of Pinhead brilliantly and I captured some awesome portraits.

Horrify Me

We loved Rick and Peachy’s shoot so much, that ‘Lady Pinhead’ was voted as our Issue 28 front cover.

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