Top 5 tips for a successful photoshoot

Top 5 tips for a Successful Photoshoot

Thinking about doing your first photoshoot? Then you may find my top 5 tips worth a read…

What makes a successful photoshoot? Is it expensive equipment, a great location, or professional models? Of course, these elements can be a contributing factor but in my experience, unless you have the fundamentals in place, no amount of expensive equipment or top model will guarantee success.   

My Top 5 tips for a successful photoshoot

Team Work

A photo shoot’s success depends on the team working together to achieve the end goal. Everyone needs to know what is trying to be accomplished, and each person should plan accordingly. As a team, everyone counts, and efforts must be made to ensure that it is a good experience for all.

Planning and Preparation

Achieving the best images from a shoot depends on more than a good photographer and artistic vision. Planning and preparation are vital for success, using detailed shot lists for setting out aims and specifics to ensure you clearly meet the clients’ requests, as well as your own objectives. Mood boards are invaluable as a reference for the look and feel of the shoot and to give clients a visual aid of the end result.


Good communication between the team is vital, both written and spoken. Discuss the plans from the beginning and make sure that everyone knows their roles, responsibilities and the part they play in achieving the overall goal of the shoot. Keep the communication open throughout the shoot and if working with a client, keep them involved in the decision where possible in the decision-making, especially if concerns are raised.


Photoshoots can change in nature, and at times, they do not go exactly to plan. You need to be ready to adapt and change your strategy if required. I have had to adapt many times due to bad weather or travel delays. I do however always leave space for a little extra creativity. I find that my photoshoots evolve and sometimes other ideas work better than those I initially planned. In fact, some of these moments produced that amazing image!

Relax and have fun

Relax and enjoy the shoot. I can be hard work, but have fun doing it. I always find that my attitude is contagious, and if I am happy and confident then your team follows suit. Having positive energy between your team is important and everyone will work hard with you to ensure great results. Most importantly, have a supply of tea and chocolate biscuits!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and that my Top 5 tips for a successful photoshoot come in handy for you.  Don’t forget if you want to show the world your latest photoshoot, you can read how to submit your work here.

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