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Nic Button Model Hi and welcome to my page. First of all, some housekeeping. I am Nic Button. I am a 27 year old professional model based in Hertfordshire. I have been in the industry for 8 years, and was lucky enough to happen into the profession with the help of the wonderful John Tisbury. You can see more of John’s work at his website:

I found my way further into the field by joining a networking site known as and so it was… Eight years later and I am still going strong. Want to see more of me? My links and contact details are at the bottom of the page. You can see more of me in the next issue.

So, I recently spent a lovely day at a beautiful little dress shop in Barton Le Clay known as Jessica Louise. It’s in a twee little shopping village just outside of town, and is run by Richard and Mandy. I arrived at 10am and found my way to the shop. Upon entry there is a mannequin standing tall on a podium wearing a beautifully fitting dress, the podium base delightfully decorated with lovely bags and gorgeous jewellery. When you walk into the shop, there are clothes lines with wonderful ball gowns in every colour of the rainbow hanging from wall to wall. I found myself a little spot, put on some make up, sorted out my hair and chose myself a floor length black fitted gown. The day comprised of looking pretty and encouraging people into the shop for a look around. I met Jane Kelly too, who took me and two other models to be photographed in the dresses. We found some lovely locations just outside of the shopping village, affront an old door, and a little wooden bridge over a stream. It was gorgeously warm, everyone was in good spirits and we got some awesome pictures, singing the praises of the models, the dresses and the photographer and styling team. It was a beautiful day and the final images are lovely.

Stay tuned for further instalments of a day in the life of a model. I will include recent images, stories and anecdotes about what I have been up to, and links to show you some of the work I like. You can see more of me at the links below.

My personal website:
Facebook: Nic Button
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Other links:

Find Jessica Louise on facebook: Jessica Louise Dress Hire
Find Jane Kelly Photography on Facebook: Jane Kelly Photography and Design


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