Finger on the Button – Spring 2014

It seems a bit premature to write a blog to summarise my work when it is only my second blog ever for the mag, but it strikes me as a good chance to promote myself, my work, and show off just how fabulous 2013 was.

So, a great deal of what I did involved drawing classes, for which I have very little photographic evidence of (new years resolution – take more photos of artists work – the next edition will have some examples in, promise!), but I did some outstandingly good shoots, and I am going to show a few of them off right here. I am also going to give a few little hints about what occurring in 2014…

The year started with a kick-ass shoot with Stefano Brunesci, the results of which still knock my socks off:

1503608_634133406649125_1492343755_nNic 1

Pretty cool huh?  These were done on the 2nd January, so you might say I started with a bang. It really set the tone for the year because I then went on to produce this with Silverlight:


 This image has broken personal records on my PurplePort account, getting to be my most viewed image by a long way within a matter of days of going up on the site – within a few weeks it had over 1000 views. As it stands now it is at 1584, but my current most viewed is this one, with 1702 views, also very popular:

From the same location comes this image, another from the series that I really love:

These two were taken in May in Dorset County Museum in Dorchester, also by Silverlight. I had to pull some strings to swing this shoot but the results are stunning, I am sure you will agree. We used natural light, and took advantage of the beautiful oldness of the location. Wooden floors, the mosaic floor, the sweeping stairwell. It was absolutely wonderful.

Last February, I dyed my hair red for Comic Relief, and raised an awesome £300 .  Naturally the change had to be exploited.  In the Summer, I worked with Sean OMalley and our own Mandy Elizabeth to complete some awesomely fabulous and very colourful fashion images:


The rest of my work has been around helping the team get the magazine up and running and watch this space as it is going to be HUGE!

I will leave you with this final image, new year, new hair style, taken on the 3rd of January by Mike Hardley, another first-of-the-year shot that sets the tone – I absolutely love it! Enjoy.

Button 080-ws

 I hope you are all having a wonderful year so far, and have many wonderful things planned. I certainly do.  Bye for now xxx



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