The Great British Tattoo Show 2018

The Great British Tattoo Show 2018

What a great time we had at The Great British Tattoo Show 2018. We enjoy showcasing the creatives that come together to put on such a fantastic show, in fact, we love it so much, we decided to release a special edition.
And what a show it was…

PHOTOSHOOT Mag ran a competition for one lucky student photographer to attend the show with Dex, our events photographer. Shana-Rochelle was our lucky winner and here is her story…

My day at The Great British Tattoo Show 2018 with PHOTOSHOOT Magazine…

What was the highlight of this experience for me? It would have to be opening up the email from the magazine’s editor. It took a while for the news to set in and then the excitement hit me; my photos are going to be in a magazine. Then the dreaded nerves started but these were instantly replaced after talking with magazine’s resident photographer, Dex Morgan, who I shadowed for the day.

So, The Great British Tattoo Show. The only word I could use to describe this event is, AMAZING. From extremely talented artists to their very brave sitters, vendors, designers and performers, the whole experience is definitely one for the books.

I’ll begin with ‘wearable sculptures’. My day started off with an impromptu shoot with Liam Brandon Murray. He is a fine art artist, who designs pieces which are wearable sculptures and who exhibited his elaborate designs (dresses, jackets, hats and more) at the show. One minute I was filming the mechanical parrot, one of the many moving sculptures featured in Murray’s exhibition, the next, I was being briefed on the shoot which was about to take place. At first, I was nervous. Normally, everything I do is meticulously planned but this was on the spur of the moment.

As a student at the beginning of my career, I never imagined I would be on an exclusive shoot with an artist. I know that opportunities such as this are rare. After getting over my initial nerves, everything went on to autopilot. From the moment the model stepped out into the foyer, I was set on capturing the moment between artist and model (Jo Kavanagh). The actual shoot took place in Alexandra Palace’s Palm Court.

My role was to assist and take behind-the-scenes photos and capture a variety of wide and close-up shots of everything that was going on. I even managed to get close enough to capture the detail and craftsmanship on the dress the model was wearing.


Walking into The Great Hall, the first vendor I came across was selling ‘Gizmobots’. Lined up in front of me were bots of all different shapes and sizes, each one carefully crafted to portray its very own personality. I was drawn to one type of bot in particular; the tape bots, which were made from cassette tapes, floppy disks, door handles, bottle caps and other bits and bobs. I was drawn to these particular bots because they reminded me of when I was younger and had my own cassette player. If I remember correctly, it was a Barbie cassette player.

Artist – Yuliya Dan

Another vendor, was Yuliya Dan, a London-based artist and jewellery designer, who used ink and calligraphy pens. Dan produced these beautiful pendants, which encased a woman, surrounded by what looks to be gold pigment.

Artist – Pierre Santos

Another vendor who caught my eye that day was Pierre Santos, also a London-based artist who constructs humanoid figures. The artist’s interest is in the ocean, nature and all things fantastic, evident in his designs. I definitely felt as if I was transported into a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Urban Wear Catwalk Show

There was also a fashion show going on in the middle of the hall, with latex apparel, lingerie and urban wear featured.


The entertainment was breathtaking. I’ve never seen a fire show, sword stunts or acrobats performing. Aima Indigo, a worldwide performer, specialised in fire acts and angle grinding and was the highlight for me. Her whole performance was so surreal, from the way the fire glided against her skin, to when she breathed the fire. Then there was Lolo Brow, an award-winning drag queen and neo-burlesque artiste. For her performance, I really didn’t know whether to look away or carry on capturing the moment. I got a little squeamish when she took out a hammer and nail and brought them both to her face; not forgetting when she took out a stapler and card and stapled that to her cheek. I almost flinched when Daniella D’Ville took to the stage with her sword in the air, prancing down the runway but instead I had a permanent smile on my face throughout the whole performance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience. I am quite shy and introverted and this experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and see where my weaknesses are in my event photography. And, most importantly, improve on these weaknesses. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve covered an event and felt disappointed in myself for missing countless opportunities.

When I uploaded my photos and began looking through the images from this show, I was pleased to see I had captured the event. Maybe because I was distracted by having a brief of set things I needed to capture, such as vendors and artists. Maybe it was because I didn’t feel pressured to produce an image like this photographer or that photographer. Or maybe it was because I just had fun. Shana-Rochelle

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The Great British Show 2019 is on 25 – 26TH MAY 2019, ALEXANDRA PALACE LONDON SEE YOU THERE!

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