Photocrowd Front Cover Competition – Wedding Special

Our Photocrowd front cover competition for our wedding-themed issue had 622 photos entered from 429 photographers WOW!

These were the final results from our first front cover competition with Photocrowd*. Seeing so many incredible images of wedding traditions and customs from all over the world was great… and of course, made my job choosing a winner even harder!

Decision Day…

The day arrived and there could only be one winner. I spent a long time making the final decision, but in the end, the winning image stood out for me and I knew it would work perfectly for our PHOTOSHOOT Weddings cover.

Meet our winner – Photographer Wayne Kliewer

Wayne’s image was a well-deserving winner for our next cover.  The image was prepared ‘cover-ready’, allowing editorial space. The image was fresh, clean, with a pop of colour that suited our magazine-style perfectly.

What I did not know whilst judging, is that Wayne is actually a wildlife photographer and new to portraiture. And the image was taken as part of a Lindsay Adler production.

My Top 10

Below, are the images that made it in my ‘Top 10’, which I am sure you’ll agree are all fabulous images. You can also view all the images entered on Photocrowd here.

Photocrowd Front Cover Competition
Indonesia Bride by Pavel Pesek

Next Competition

Our next front cover competition with Photocrowd is for our PHOTOSHOOT Christmas themed special. You can enter FREE here. Be sure to also read our article on getting your image published on our front cover to help you in your selection.

Keep in Touch

If you are interested in getting your work published, you can keep up to date by joining our community or by viewing our submissions page.

*What is Photocrowd? A global community of photographers, of all levels and interests. Home to some of the most prestigious photo awards on the planet.

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