PHOTOSHOOT Vintage – Front Cover Winner

Photocrowd Front Cover Competition – Vintage Themed Special

802 photos entered from 540 photographers! Another fantastic competition for our third front cover with Photocrowd*. Once again, seeing so many incredible vintage images from all over the world was amazing. But my job choosing a winner was just as hard as the last two competitions!

Decision Day…

The day arrived and I spent a long time making the final decision, there were so many different interpretations of ‘vintage’, from all genres, which makes for a great competition. I finally trimmed down to my top thirty and then top ten (that was sooooo hard). But, there is only one cover and only one winner, so a decision was finally made after I made some mock covers. Once I did this, I knew that my choice looked perfect for the PHOTOSHOOT Vintage cover.

Meet our winner – Photographer Daniela Bologna

Daniela (Modelmacher Fotostudio) is a professional portrait photographer, based in the lovely city of St. Gallen in Switzerland. You can read the full article in our Vintage issue here.

My Top 10

Below, are the images that made it in my ‘Top 10’, which I am sure you’ll agree are all fabulous images. You can also view all the images entered on Photocrowd here.

Front Cover Competition with Photocrowd - 2nd Place Winner
2nd – Photo © EugeneLi
3rd – Photo © DeerJohn13
4th – Photo © Dan Howell
5th – Photo © Anastasiya Kushnyr
6th – Photo © Karen Tillett
7th – Photo © Elena Paraskeva
8th Photo © John Thorndike
9th – Photo © Jonas Beck
10th – Photo © Tracey Dobbs

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Next Competition

Our next front cover competition with Photocrowd is for our PHOTOSHOOT Black and White themed special. You can enter FREE here. Be sure to also read our article on getting your image published on our front cover to help you in your selection.

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*What is Photocrowd? A global community of photographers, of all levels and interests. Home to some of the most prestigious photo awards on the planet.

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