How do I get my image published on a front cover of PHOTOSHOOT Magazine?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do I get my image published on a front cover?”

With only 8 issues per year, our covers are highly sought after (you can view our publication dates here). We love our covers and each one hangs proudly on our office wall. I personally design each one and it has to be said, I can spot a potential cover instantly. But the decision is not mine alone. All the potential images are put to the team vote.

*** We currently have front cover competitions running for our themed specials with Photocrowd. You can view our latest competition here. ***

Back to answering that question … How do I get that front cover? Well, there are 4 main elements to getting your image published.

1. Style

Have you seen our previous issues?  If so, then you will notice a pattern and get a flavour of what we look for. Our normal style is for the person looking directly into the camera, which instantly engages and captures the reader’s attention. We like variety and of course a little something different here and there. Past issues have seen beauty portraiture to body painting and not forgetting our Virgin Extravaganza!

Many of our covers are close-ups, whilst others with a distinctive feature(s) show the wider shot. Our Issues 25, 26 and Tattoo Show Event Special are good examples.

There are, of course, always exceptions and we have published 3 covers with the models not looking directly into the camera. Our Vintage Special, The Photography Show 2018 and Issue 15. With no reason apart from being … well, we just loved the images!

Although most of our issues feature one model, we have featured two or more on the covers of issues 20, 23 and The Photography Show 2019 event special.

2. Size

Our magazine cover is designed as an A4 portrait, with a minimum of 300 dpi (print quality). Unfortunately, we have had to set aside amazing landscape images because we could not use them.

3. Space

We need space. To make an image work, we need space to add our banners, logo and to place text around the main image. We can use part of the hair or scenery if there is enough space for our banners and as clutter-free as possible.

The best way to take the cover shot image is to take a step back and allow more space. We can always crop if needed. 

4. Complementary Article

It’s great to have an article to complement the cover and readers do expect to see one. We offer two main ways to publish your work; ‘Focus On‘ – which profiles you as a photographer, makeup artist, model or other creative OR a ‘Your Shoot’ feature that encourages all creatives to participate with a bio and write-up.

It’s always good to be consistent with editing your images for your article.

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Jane Kelly
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