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Emily Quantrill – Body Paint Model

Emily Quantrill
Image: Dale Wordley Photography

Paintopia 2016 Urban Jungle – Emily Quantrill, Body Paint Model

Paintopia is always a fun event, a place where there is so much talent in one venue and this was my second year of modelling there. On Thursday’s UV Jam, I modelled for artist Pashur House from

LA. Friday, I worked with Katie Du’Mont, Solo Body Painter of the Year. Saturday was freestyle body paint, with Jenny Marquis and Sunday was Freestyle body paint for Kryolan.

I have been a body paint model for three years and have modelled plenty of paints outside of Paintopia as well. But this event is the ultimate ‘Body Paint’ festival in the UK. Being a model in this genre is tougher than it appears. It is long hours of standing still (6-8 hours). It can be cold, there are sometimes large headdresses or high shoes required to be worn and the usual daily activities, such a sitting down, walking around, eating etc., can prove to be difficult. And then models have the task of washing the paint off at the end of the day, which can sometimes take a very long time and be very messy!

However, it is always worth it to see the finished work of the artist and then be able to model it for them. At Paintopia, most days end with photography and then the parade (catwalk) where the model gets to work the catwalk for the artist. This is by far the most favourite part of the day; bringing people’s art to life on stage.

Every year, the talent bar is raised and I am always amazed at the creativity that arises at Paintopia. Without a doubt, I thoroughly enjoy it. While it is very exhausting, I will always be proud to model artists’ work for them.

Photographer: Parnell Photography
Artist: Katie Du’Mont

Sundays at Paintopia are open to the public and it is a chance for them to walk into a completely different world and see creations made by artists from all over the world. As a model, it is lovely to be asked questions by the public about our backgrounds and how we all came into the body paint world. We Paintopia models are from all over the place and we volunteer our time. The models range from school teachers, veterinary nurses, to myself, a Circus Performer. At Circus School, six of my students are now body paint models for Paintopia; an event that is most definitely spreading quickly, as more and more people want to get involved.

Overall, it’s an amazing experience and something that is quite out of the ordinary. But that is why we never get bored of it.








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