Live Stage and Workshops at The Photography Show 2016

After a lot of preparation and organising, we finally made it to The Photography Show 2016. We were invited to do something ‘different’ and ‘creative’ for the Live Stage for day 3 and 4, and judging by the feedback we received (and how long it took for us to get back to our base in the Piazza Suite) we did just that!


Jane Kelly, our Editor, hosted both the shows (brave girl) with Martina Parmar Bellieni owner and founder of The Professional Makeup Academy, who sponsored the artists on the catwalk, Cookie Couture Designs, House of Charles (brownie hat) and Shortie Props (steampunk gun). They all helped us create our chosen themes: Avant Garde Bridal, Steampunk, Urban and High Fashion.

As you can imagine, we had great fun behind the scenes getting everyone ready.


 Avant-Garde Bridal


Suzanna Forrister-Beer – International Award Winning Make-up and Hair Artist and Creative Designer and Owner at Make-Upps, with her model Lillian Wilkes for our Avant garde wedding look. Cookie Couture provided the dresses.  and

Look 1

IMG_5940-B-ws IMG_6028-B-ws IMG_0305

Look 2

IMG_6239-B-ws IMG_6276-B-ws IMG_6277-B-ws IMG_6374






International Award Winning Make-up & Bodypaint Artist – Angela Youngs, and her model, Daniel Kerry, did our Steampunk, along with Shortie Props, who made the gun for a photo-shoot for us last year. and

Look 1



IMG_5981-B-ws _MG_3750




Look 2

IMG_6207-B-ws IMG_6224-B-ws IMG_6267-B-ws IMG_6309-B-ws IMG_6245-B-ws


High Fashion

Lauren Buck – MUA and Model: Miss Cindy Dacosta, for our High Fashion look with an incredible Brownie hat made by House of Charles.

llibx –


Look 1

IMG_5988-B-ws IMG_0437

Look 2

IMG_6198-B-ws IMG_6289-B-ws IMG_6368


Urban SFX



Rekha Padan Makeup Artist – Urban SFX

Facebook:    Gratymua
Instagram:   Rekha_padan

Look 1 – Model: TK Kinross

IMG_5952-B-ws  IMG_5952-B-ws IMG_6019-B-ws IMG_6097-B-ws _MG_3776

Look 2 – Model: Lydia Noble
IMG_6147-B-ws IMG_6188-B-ws IMG_6257-B-ws IMG_6307-B-ws
20160322 - NEC Photoshoot Magazine shoot (163) - CSB
We were delighted to see so many people support us and what our show and judging by the feedback everyone got some great images.

_MG_3875 _MG_3841
20160322 - NEC Photoshoot Magazine shoot (253) - CSB
“I thought the PHOTOSHOOT Magazine catwalk was a real added bonus to the show, I did not know what to expect and thought it was Awesome! and they are a credit to you”.

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the Photoshoot Magazine crew for a great effort at The Photography Show 2016. They put on a catwalk style shoot at the Live Stage giving us all a chance to photograph the models in their radical costumes. Here is all the crew including Make-up artists, designers and models”.


Fashion Editorial Workshops with Zara Watson

After a mad dash to clear the room, we set up for our Fashion Editorial Workshops with international model Zara Watson. Each session had a overview of shooting for editorial purposes from Zara and editors perspective, along with 10 minutes 1-1 shooting time with Zara (thanks for being amazing Zara) in our studio set up, sponsored by Pixapro/Essential Photo.  Assistance was also available (if needed) for camera and lighting set-up by Mike Hardley (thanks for all your Mike).
IMG_0537 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0607 IMG_0613

“I thought the talk you gave was great as well as your team. Zara’s hints and tips were really good, nice to hear from the models point of view.”

“Very many thanks for an excellent session at the Photography Show and a chance to “work” with the wonderful Zara.”

“I found today’s session very good, for a novice who had never worked with a model before you and the guys at hand made it all feel very easy and I know that there are a lot of aspects that go together to make a great event and day.”

“I found it very informative and helpful, as I have never done a photo shoot before. I would also like to thank Zara Watson as she was very helpful.”

We are putting together a special edition issue from the show and one of the lucky delegates images will be on the front cover… watch this space!
Special thanks also go to our behind-the-scenes photographers:
Darren Skidmore – Behind-the-Scenes and Show Photographer
Dexter Morgan – Behind-the-Scenes and Show Photographer
Conrad Steele-Benny – Behind-the-Scenes and Show Photographer

An extra special thanks to Mike Hardley for Behind-the-scenes, show photographer/videographer and Martine Parmar with her team of artists from The Professional Makeup Academy.